• Photo by Rantje Allen

  • Photo by William Tan

  • Photo by Rantje Allen

  • Photo by William Tan

  • Photo by Rantje Allen

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Gorontalo Airport Features New Terminal

Gorontalo airport has a new terminal building. For travelers both local and international, the facility upgrade will provide a pleasant experience. Djalaluddin Airport’s New Terminal Opening in mid-2016, the new terminal at Gorontalo airport sports an attractive design. This design calls to mind the influence of the province’s deep blue oceans. Consequently, its external architectureContinue Reading

Lady divers in Indonesia form new community

Lady divers recently formed Indonesian Women in Diving Community in Jakarta. Attending its official opening was Indonesian Tourism Minister Arief Yahya. Positive Economic Impact Mr. Yahya referenced data collected by the Ministry of Tourism. Diving contributes about 15% of total income generated from water sports in Indonesia. So, he would like for that to growContinue Reading

Certificate of Excellence 2016 from TripAdvisor

Certificate of Excellence 2016 for Miguel’s Diving Gorontalo was just announced by TripAdvisor®. Certificate of Excellence 2016 Now in its sixth year, the achievement celebrates hospitality businesses that have earned great traveler reviews on TripAdvisor over the past year. Certificate of Excellence 2016 recipients are not only dive centers. They include accommodations, eateries and attractions.Continue Reading

Thai Dive Expo 2016

Thai Dive Expo 2016 marks its 11th anniversary this year. Also PADI (Professional Association of Dive Instructors) marks its 50th anniversary. Miguel’s Diving will be in Bangkok to help celebrate! We have been operating for over 13 years now. Indonesia Pavilion Indonesia’s Ministry of Tourism has an entire pavilion. It is located next to theContinue Reading

Whale Shark Encounters in Gorontalo

Whale shark sightings have always been common in Gorontalo. But this month we are encountering these giants daily. Sightings in Gorontalo Since beginning operations in 2003, whale shark sightings with crew and guests have been numerous. On average, we encounter these giants twice per month. Any month will do. In other places in the world,Continue Reading

DEEP EXTREME Indonesia 2016

DEEP EXTREME Indonesia 2016 marks its 10th anniversary this year. Miguel’s Diving will be there to help celebrate! We remember the first DEEP expo. We have been operating for over 13 years now. Booth D-7A Gorontalo Province has invited Miguel’s Diving to provide banners for its booth. The booth location is D-7A. This year’s themeContinue Reading

Mackerel Feeding Frenzy

Mackerel feeding frenzy! Right beside the dive boat, guests of Miguel’s Diving watched schooling Big mouth mackerel feeding off Jinn Caves dive site. Regional Names This small mackerel is found throughout tropical Indo-West Pacific seas. Its scientific name is Rastreliger kanagurta. In the Indian Ocean it is commonly called Indian mackerel. In the western PacificContinue Reading

Sacoglossans of Gorontalo

Sacoglossans are vegetarian sea slugs or snails. They bite into algae. Then they suck out the contents. Sometimes they are called sap-sucking sea slugs. Several species are found in Gorontalo’s diverse marine environment. Blue-spotted bubble snail One of the sacoglossans found in Gorontalo is Oxynoe viridis. Although it looks like a simple slug, it isContinue Reading

Sea Sapphires Mysteriously Disappear

Sea sapphires are flashy planktonic crustaceans that appear and disappear. No one knew how they did it – until now. Suddenly Visible In Gorontalo waters on certain days, divers are ready to descend. They notice tiny flashes of color in the water column. The flashes look like chips of iridescent blue paint. Sometimes the colorContinue Reading

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