• Photo by William Tan

  • Photo by Stephen Wong

  • Photo by Takako Uno

  • Photo by Stephen Wong

  • Photo by Takako Uno

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Gorontalo: Hidden Paradise – Underwater Photo Book

Miguel’s Diving has published a coffee table book of underwater photographs. It is called Gorontalo: Hidden Paradise.  The  Province of Gorontalo provided the generous funding for publication. The photos were taken by three award-winning marine photojournalists. One is William Tan, who is a violinist for Singapore Symphony Orchestra. The other two are Takako Uno and Stephen Wong. This husband and wife team are full time photojournalists. All three visited Gorontalo to record its unique marine life and grand underwater vistas. Rantje Allen of Miguel’s Diving wrote the entertaining text. It comes from his seven years of experience diving Indonesia’s hidden paradise. The result is a 160-page full color book of superb quality. It was designed and printed in Singapore in 2006. As the book jacket says, “Every page in this book is an encounter with the unusual and the unexpected.” Internet purchases are available through Stephen Wong. Divers in Gorontalo can purchase a souvenir copy from Miguel’s Diving.

Gorontalo: Hidden Paradise comes in an Indonesian version Gorontalo: Surga yang Tersembunyi.

Reviews of Gorontalo: Hidden Paradise

authors of Gorontalo: Hidden Paradise
Stephen, Takako, Rantje & William in 2014

“Three of the world’s top photographers joined forces to produce the year’s most memorable underwater coffee table book…Gorontalo: Hidden Paradise is clearly a labour of love…a masterpiece that would be one of the crown jewels in any book collection.”
David Espinosa, Australasia Scuba Diver (issue 6 / 2006)

“…the pages of Gorontalo: Hidden Paradise go far beyond introducing portraits of the province’s extensive list of endemic fishes and invertebrates. The veteran critter shooters pushed limits, merging talent with patience, to capture original images of animal behavior.”
Ned DeLoach, Asian Diver (issue 90 / April-May 2007)

“Gorontalo: Hidden Paradise is pretty much the world’s most beautiful postcard. With its serene allure, it beckons you to come and explore its secrets…the diving nirvana that we’ve been looking for all these years.”
Willy Volk, Wetpixel (May 2007)

Buku Terpilih dan Tema 25th Annual Indonesian Book Fair, Jakarta Convention Center, November 2007