• Photo by Rantje Allen

  • Photo by William Tan

  • Photo by Rantje Allen

  • Photo by William Tan

  • Photo by Rantje Allen

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Whale Shark encounter in Gorontalo

A whale shark encounter was in store for two American divers. On their way to the Togian Islands, they made a last minute decision to make two dives in Gorontalo. That decision made memories to last a lifetime.

World Class Diving in Gorontalo

Whale shark encounter in Gorontalo, Indonesia
A whale shark swims over divers

Sadly, many travelers miss diving in Gorontalo on their way to its more famous neighbors, the Togian Islands, Bunaken Marine Park and Lembeh Straits. But world class diving is easily available here. After touch down at the airport, the ocean is only an hour away. Eight different dive sites are only fifteen minutes from the private dock of Miguel’s Diving. Over 30 named sites are available.

The whale shark encounter captured in the video was at one of those close dive sites. It is named Swirling Steps because of a series of short drops and ledges that push into the current. Staff of Miguel’s Diving have forgotten the number of times we have seen whale sharks at this site. There have been too many over the years! In addition, this site has hard coral below 40 meters, which indicates the vibrant health of Gorontalo reefs. Only in Gorontalo can diver see Salvador Dali sponges with their surreal, carved surfaces.

Whale Shark Encounter Video

[svpVideo v=1]Watch the video shot to see the whale shark passing by. The whale shark enounters in Gorontalo are in a natural environment. They are swimming around looking for schools of small fish. Days with a higher plankton count will also bring in the whale sharks. That is what happened the day this video was shot.

Miguel’s Diving staff tell guests that if a shadow appears overhead, look up! It maybe a whale shark or a manta ray. It seems that the whale sharks are not only curious about divers but also they like the bubbles. They also like the dive boat, which has had numerous whale shark encounters of its own. Perhaps they think it is a long lost relative floating on the surface! A fantastic photo of one is available on our home page. These large pelagics can grow up to 15 meters in length. They can live up to 100 years. Judging by its small size of merely six meters, this one was probably in his early twenties.

For your chance for a whale shark encounter, please make a dive booking with us at http://miguelsdiving.com/contact-us/

Whale shark alert

Whale shark alert! Miguel’s Diving staff often see these giants of the sea.

Whale Shark Alert

This month we have seen a whale shark on three different days. That makes for a whale shark alert!

Guests with Miguel’s Diving staff today enjoyed seeing a 6 to 7 meter long whale shark. We are currently assisting with a coral research project. Everyone was distracted from the work at hand. Perhaps the whale shark wanted to help.

whale shark alert
A Whale Shark visits divers in Gorontalo

This was actually the third whale shark alert this month in Gorontalo. Last week a small one, measuring only three meters, got lost in shallow waters. That means this one is still quite young. Local fishermen towed it out to sea and to safety.

The first one sighted by Miguel’s Diving staff earlier in the month was not quite as large as the one today. That would make three different whale sharks.

Giants of the Sea

Whale sharks are the largest fish in the world. Adult size is around 10 meters. Some say that they can grow up to 14 meters. Whale sharks can weigh up to 21,000 kilos. They can live up to one hundred years.

They eat plankton and small fishes. They suck in water near the surface that is rich in plankton. Edible items are sifted through their fine teeth and swallowed. Water is evacuated through its five gills slits. They can actually eat large volumes this way. That is what allows them to grow to enormous sizes.

They are found in warm, tropical waters worldwide. They are not found in the Mediterrean Ocean. They often migrate great distances. They are commonly seen on the surface. However, research shows that they can dive below 1,250 meters.

Other dive locations in Sulawesi do not expect to have a whale shark alert. However


, divers in Gorontalo can see them. For your chance for a whale shark alert, please book your dive trip with us.