• Photo by Rantje Allen

  • Photo by William Tan

  • Photo by Rantje Allen

  • Photo by William Tan

  • Photo by Rantje Allen

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Yearly Archives: 2012

Great Hidden Natural Treasure along the Reef

Leaf Scorpionfish SulawesiWith west weather bringing lots of rain to diving destinations in North Sulawesi, diving season in Gorontalo is at its prime. Typical weather is flat blue seas with a brief late afternoon shower. In addition to Bumphead parrotfish, large snappers, schools of fusiliers and anthias and Pacific triangular butterflyfish and Redtooth triggers, a hidden natural treasure in the shape of a large scorpionfish resting on a giant sponge caught the eye of passing divers. But that fish had its eyes on something swaying like a dead leaf. Sure enough


, a beautiful Leaf scorpionfish (Taenianotus triacanthus) was only inches away. Back on the boat divers speculated if the larger fish intended to eat the smallerone or if the venonous dorsal spines would prevent this. After the diving for the day was over, diving staff checked and the smaller Leaf scorpionfish was still perched in the crevasse of the sponge. Those diving with Miguel’s today enjoyed visibility of over 20 meters on each dive.

New Sulawesi Dive Boat for 10th Season

Miguels dive boat Gorontalo SulawesiJust in time for our tenth diving season perating in Gorontalo, Sulawesi, Miguel’s Diving has a new custom-built speed boat. Built to handle up to 15 divers, this Sulawesi dive boat includes a sun deck and marine toilet. Those diving in Sulawesi’s hidden paradise really like the stable ride

, thanks to the three-meter wide deck. Come try it out!

Gorontalo makes Ocean Geographic magazine

Ocean Geographic magazine Gorontalo Diving Picture - SulawesiSteve Jone’s breath-taking photo spread of Gorontalo’s Salvador Dali sponge finishes the fifth anniversary edition of Ocean Geographic magazine (#21: Deep Sea edition). In his eight page article he explains the morphology of this strangely formed sponge. Congratulations to Steve and our underwater model Yunis! Another keep-sake edition from Michael Aw.


Gorontalo on Kompas TV in Indonesia

This week on Friday May 25th those viewers who can access Kompas TV in Indonesia can see the Gorontalo episode of the adventure show Hidden Paradise. The crew filmed underwater and beach scenes with Miguel’s Diving earlier this month over three days. Weather was very cooperative. Former Miss Indonesia Nadine Chandrawinata was able to play in our magic carpet. Once or twice a year millions of Bennett’s tobies gather for spawning and move along the coral and wall faces like flying carpets of tiny fish. They appeared just at the right time for filming. As presenters Nadine and Rachel say

, “Amazing!”

Gorontalo in Garuda Magazine

Passengers on Garuda Indonesia in April can read an article on Gorontalo in the Garuda magazine, in-flight. The article with photos comes in English, Indonesian and Japanese. This is the third multi-page spread we have had in this magazine. Garuda flies daily to Gorontalo, linking this hidden paradise to Jakarta

, Makassar and Bali. Enjoy!

Gorontalo in Digital Dive Magazine UK

Gorontalo in Digital Dive Magazine UKThe premier edition of DIVE MAGAZINE UK is out, featuring an article on Sulawesi that includes some great photos shot in Gorontalo by Steve Jones. The article is called “Special K,” a reference to the great diving found around the strangely shaped island of Sulawesi. Gorontalo in Digital Dive Magazine is available free to download after registering and verifying your email address. In addition to the free subscription


, new users can download a series of real life dive experience for free with this link.

Watch out

Gorontalo’s pristine corals tempt divers to look away from the blue water. Yesterday off the walls divers watched a school of about twenty large snappers and then a school of about 100 Big-eye trevally blasted by us. A Hawksbill turtle sailed slowly away. We have been seeing turtles every day. Then at the beginning of the last dive a pair of Bottle-nose dolphins swam past the divers. Visibility has been over 20 meters lately.

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Tuna Frenzy

On the return trip from three great dives, everyone was startled as the dive boat passed a school of tuna in a feeding frenzy. The late afternoon snack was evidently a baitball of minnows. Tuna were even jumping out of the water. After the excitement subsided and the boat continued back to the dock

, a flock of sea gulls gave away the position of the minnows. Sure enough, tuna soon started jumping at the new location also. In Gorontalo, even the trip back to the dock is memorable.