• Photo by Rantje Allen

  • Photo by William Tan

  • Photo by Rantje Allen

  • Photo by William Tan

  • Photo by Rantje Allen

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Category Archives: Dive Experience

Pelagic Encounters

While weather in other parts of Indonesia is causing problems, this is optimal diving season in Gorontalo. Today’s diving featured close pelagic encounters. An old Hawksbill turtle gave a slow turn in a deep blue sea. A young Na.polean wrasse curiously tagged behind divers while a mature one lingered below. Closer still was a freneticschoolContinue Reading

Friends Old and New

A group of dive junkies from Jakarta ended 2008 diving in Gorontalo and made some special memories that included a fly by encounter with a squadron of 17 mobula rays off Gorontalo’s Kurenai Beach dive site. Our congratulations to Jerry and Vera who got engaged on a Gorontalo beach to the delight of all their friends. NewContinue Reading

Family Affair

Divers today enjoyed the best of macro subjects and a startling pelagic encounter. On the tiny side is a pair of Denise pygmy seahorses, one very pregnant. Then in blue water a pod of about 10 Bottle-nosed dolphins of various sizes and ages swam by, evidently wanting to catch a glimpse of visitors to theirContinue Reading

Searching for food

Although this is not diving season in Gorontalo, Miguel’s Diving staff and several guests braved the swells and did a couple of dives in a protected area about 15 mintues travel time by speed boat. Visibility was between 5 and 12 meters, way down from what is typical during regular diving season, which begins inContinue Reading

Gorontalo Wide-Angle

It seems that Gorontalo is not only the domain of the macro photographer any more. Miguel’s Diving has hosted a flurry of wide-angle enthusiasts in the last several weeks. Their comments and great photos are available on this WetPixel thread.

Schools of Dolphin & Barracuda

Guests this week enjoyed the thrills of exploring the varied marine environment of Gorontalo. Nowhere else can divers experience dramatic coral walls, multiple pinnacles and muck all in the same day. Wrecks, caverns and shallow coral gardens are also available. In addition to the wide variety of diving, guests had the thrill of snorkeling withContinue Reading

Count Them!

Count on diving in Gorontalo to have some wonderful surprises. Not only are guests enjoying typically flat seas and sunny mornings, but also visibility has been an incredible 25 meters. Even one surreal Salvador Dali Sponge in a corner of a wall was visible from the surface. But today after busily photographing six Bumblebee shrimps, weContinue Reading

Quite a Special Place

That’s the comment from veteran divers Steve & Shirley from the UK about diving in Gorontalo. Unjaded by over 30 years of scuba diving exerience, they enjoyed what Gorontalo and Miguel’s Diving provided during opening week of the diving season. Highlights included a dense school of hundreds of trevally, a tuna weighing 50 – 60Continue Reading

PreSeason Diving

Intrepid divers from the USA and Canada braved the dying east winds to get a jump-start on Gorontalo’s dive season, which traditionally begins in November. Highlights this week included a large school of barracuda, a family of Napol.ean wrasse, a Hairy frogfish and a live Murex shell. We found several Mimic octopi but they couldn’tContinue Reading