• Photo by Rantje Allen

  • Photo by William Tan

  • Photo by Rantje Allen

  • Photo by William Tan

  • Photo by Rantje Allen

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Category Archives: Dive Experience

Follow your dive guide

Miguel’s Diving has three guides ready to assist our guests in the water. They are not only there for safety, helping with equipment and those sorts of things, but also to show divers the hidden paradise of Gorontalo that others miss. Yesterday for instance, those diving in the group with our divemaster were shown a schoolContinue Reading

End of a Great Diving Season

Diving season has ended here in Gorontalo until mid October. Waves on alternate days are already 2 meters. On our last day of diving, we dove the deep wreck which went down in 1942. Visibility was an amazing 25 meters. The wreck itself is 50 meters long, so even in great vis the entire wreckContinue Reading

Look Up!

Yesterday those diving in Sulawesi’s hidden paradise of Gorontalo had a dramatic encounter with a local whale shark. Miguel’s Diving staff encourage divers to look up whenever the sun darkens because there just might be a large pelagic passing overhead. Whale sharks love to play in the divers’ bubbles. Actually, there was a young four-meter long whaleContinue Reading

Over Our Heads

Diving these last few days has generated delight and surprise for those lucky enough to be diving Gorontalo’s hidden paradise. First, divers enjoyed a slow pass by a pygmy manta (mobula ray). The dive boat crew didn’t know about the manta but asked if we saw the large Risso’s dolphin jumping over our heads. Since weContinue Reading

Whale Shark Testimonials

Recent guests post accounts of their encounters with whales sharks in Gorontalo on their blogs. Enjoy byclicking this link and by clicking this link and by clicking this link. Facebookers can enjoy one-minute of Dav’s video of a whale shark in Gorontalo by opening the Miguel’s Diving Gorontalo facebook page.

Violence on the Reef

The pristine reefs of Gorontalo have shocked recent divers with reality. On the massive pinnacle we call Sunken Island divers saw the remaining half of a cushion star – and the mature trumpet shell that had just eaten half of it! On another section of reef a coconut shell octopus disproved the notion that anemones protect decoratorContinue Reading

Happy & Crazy Corona Dive Club

Members of Corona Dive Club spent a week diving in Gorontalo, basically wearing themselves out from lots of diving, eating all the crabs available at the night stalls and singing silly songs. To read Parvita’s impressions of the diving in Gorontalo and see some great wide-angle shots, go to this link. Thanks so much to tripContinue Reading

A Meeting of Ghosts

Not to be out performed by the recent cetacean sightings, macro finds in Gorontalo the last few days have impressed visiting divers. At one muck sight seven harlequin ghost pipefish of various patterns and color combinations were gathering around a colony of fire coral. They have since paired up and separated to adjoining coral clumps with oneContinue Reading