• Photo by Rantje Allen

  • Photo by William Tan

  • Photo by Rantje Allen

  • Photo by William Tan

  • Photo by Rantje Allen

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Yearly Archives: 2009

World Ocean Conference

For those divers who did not stop by the Gorontalo booth at the recent World Ocean Conference in Manado, North Sulawesi, you can still read about the marine conservation area spearheaded by Miguel’s Diving staff. When arriving at North Sulawesi’s airport in Manado, a free copy of the WOC edition of What’s Happening magazine isContinue Reading

National Geographic Magyarorszag

The underwater paradise found in Gorontalo is revealed in the current edition of National Geographic Hungary. To see the article on line, go to this link. Thanks to Gabor (text) and to William Tan (underwater photos).

Quick! Shoot!

Divers from Malaysia and Jakarta had some unusual if brief opportunities to shoot video and take photos this week. Two rarely seen dottybacks made brief appearances for divers to see: the endemic Togean dottyback and the undescribed Goldcap dottyback, both of whom are quite shy. Taking their photo takes great patience and a bit of luck. AsContinue Reading

Happy & Crazy Corona Dive Club

Members of Corona Dive Club spent a week diving in Gorontalo, basically wearing themselves out from lots of diving, eating all the crabs available at the night stalls and singing silly songs. To read Parvita’s impressions of the diving in Gorontalo and see some great wide-angle shots, go to this link. Thanks so much to tripContinue Reading

Film Award

Documentary destination film Gorontalo Hidden Paradise by Gabor Lowry recently won a second place award at the fifth Eastern Mediterranean International Underwater Photography and Film Festival held earlier this month. Congratulations!

Sulawesi Diving with a Hook

Reasons for avid divers to come to Sulawesi abound. And Gorontalo is one big reason. Today’s diving featuredmillions of Bennett’s tobies (Canthigaster bennetti), a small puffer that is typically seen in pairs in other parts of the world. However, in Gorontalo this fish has seasonal population explosions. Millions and millions of them form wiggling carpets overContinue Reading

Pygmy Killer Whale

During the last several days, not only has another Whale shark delighted divers but a rarely seen Pygmy Killer Whale (Feresa attenuata) made an appearance. Distinguishing features include the white color of its lower lip proceeding down towards the chin, white scarring especially around the head and a rounded head without a beak. This one was aboutContinue Reading