• Photo by Rantje Allen

  • Photo by William Tan

  • Photo by Rantje Allen

  • Photo by William Tan

  • Photo by Rantje Allen

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Polydorella spionid worms whip their food

Polydorella spionid worms crowded the upper surface of a sponge. Their feeding activity caught the attention of a Miguel’s Diving staff. Since they are super tiny, the sponge seemed to be covered by wiggling hairs. A Mystery Solved With such rich marine life, the reefs of Gorontalo are truly a hidden paradise. Despite operating sinceContinue Reading

Tarsius genus gains two Gorontalo species

Tarsius genus of primates gains two Gorontalo species Buy Levitra online , thanks to recent research. Tarsiers are the smallest of primates. They are known for their large eyes, jumping ability, and shrill duet calls. Two New Species in the Tarsius Genus Researchers Shekelle Aciclovir tabletten Rezeptfrei kaufen http://antolaphoto.com/adefovir/index.html , Groves, Maryanto, and Mittermeier publishedContinue Reading

Blacksaddle filefish mimics a toxic toby

Blacksaddle fishfish is a cute, tropical fish found occasionally throughout Gorontalo’s coral reefs. However, its saddle patterning closely resembles a toxic pufferfish. Batesian Mimicry A natural phenomenon where a harmless species mimics a harmful one is Batesian Mimicry. It gets its name from Henry Bates. He was a nineteen century English naturalist. He first detectedContinue Reading

Indonesia Reopens to Foreign Tourists 2022

Indonesia reopens to foreign tourists as of April 2022. Divers from 43 nations can now enter Indonesia without quarantine and purchase a visa on arrival. Arrival Requirements in Light of the Pandemic International divers must be fully vaccinated at least fourteen days prior to boarding their flight to Indonesia. Typically, full vaccination means two doses.Continue Reading

Echinaster callosus delights divers with bands of color

Echinaster callosus, or the Banded bubble starfish, delights any diver who spies it. Its colorful bands of bubbles distinguishes it from all other sea stars. A Distinctive Appearance As with other sea star species modafinil-schweiz.site/ Order Levitra Without Prescription Buy , Echinaster callosus has five arms. Its central disc is small and its arms cylindrical.Continue Reading

Sculptured Slipper lobster in Gorontalo

Sculptured Slipper lobster live in the coral rich reefs of Gorontalo, Indonesia’s hidden paradise. However, divers rarely see this crustacean because it is nocturnal. The Sculptured Slipper lobster at a Glance   The Sculptured Slipper lobster has a distinctive appearance. Its body is flat like slipper. Also kamagra pills gowallet buyantibiotics.space deutschland doxycycline , itContinue Reading

Bodianus dictynna thrives in Gorontalo

Bodianus dictynna is commonly found in Gorontalo’s coral rich reefs. This species was scientifically described in 2006. Since it is only found in the Pacific Ocean, the common name is Pacific Diana hogfish. One Goddess, Two Species For decades, divers and fish enthusiasts thought that there was only a single species of Diana hogfish. However,Continue Reading

Entoprocta on solitary tunicates in Gorontalo

Entroprocta is a division of extremely small aquatic animals that mostly live in colonies. Their body shapes look like tasseled tulips on long stalks. Miguel’s Diving staff often find them. A Speckled, White Halo   In Gorontalo Prednisolon tabletten Rezeptfrei kaufen , Miguel’s Diving staff see colonies of Entoprocta growing on the surface of certainContinue Reading