• Photo by Rantje Allen

  • Photo by William Tan

  • Photo by Rantje Allen

  • Photo by William Tan

  • Photo by Rantje Allen

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Yearly Archives: 2014

X-Ray Magazine Features Gorontalo

X-Ray Magazine On-Line X-Ray Magazine is the world’s first global dive publication. It is published eight times a year. And it’s free! All you need to do is sign up. In an era when print media struggles, this on-line publication takes advantage of current technologies. It delivers an excellent dive publication directly in PDF formatContinue Reading

Black Manta Ray Sighting in Gorontalo

Not a fictional cartoon super villain, but a real Black Manta Ray caused quite a stir in Gorontalo. A Curious Black Manta Ray Visits Divers Divers were enjoying a day of brilliant visibility when the dive master turned around and pointed. Behind us came the distinct flying motion of a manta ray. But this wasContinue Reading

Jumping Sailfish in Gorontalo

Imagine seeing a jumping sailfish on the trip to a dive site. That’s what happened to a group of dive buddies from Singapore and Taiwan. While traveling to Buffalo Head Point dive site, Miguel’s Diving boat crew spotted a jumping sailfish. It jumped a total of three times. The crew carefully moved the boat closerContinue Reading

Tips for Drift Diving in Gorontalo

Drift diving can be a delightful experience for scuba divers. Sometimes this type of diving is called current diving. Here are some tips from Miguel’s Diving. General Drift Diving Tips When diving in a current, the most important thing is to maintain neutral buoyancy and depth. You want to avoid contact with the coral reefContinue Reading

Mimic Octopus Found in Gorontalo

A Mimic Octopus glides like a lionfish The Mimic Octopus was first discovered in muck diving sites of Lembeh Straits in North Sulawesi, Indonesia. The Mimic Octopus is also found in Gorontalo. Miguel’s Diving has discovered several great muck diving sites over our years of operation. Changing Behaviors Octopi are cephalopods with eight arms. OneContinue Reading

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